Magnetisation Dynamic

     The no equilibrium character of magnetisation processes means that magnetisation processes are time-dependent, even if the external magnetic field is kept constant. Intrinsic magnetic properties, such as magnetisation and magnetic anisotropy, are realised on very small length scales, typically less than 1 nanometre, and correspond to very fast processes of quantum-mechanical origin. They can be considered as equilibrium properties, described by the Boltzmann distribution. By contrast, extrinsic phenomena, such as hysteresis, are realised on length scales of several nanometres or more. By atomic standards, they require considerable equilibration times, and many methods familiar from equilibrium statistical mechanics become inapplicable. The simplest model of magnetisation dynamics is a single spin in a magnetic field. This chapter discusses the dynamics of magnetisation, quantum dynamics and resonance, spin precession, uniform magnetic resonance, spin waves, spin dynamics in inhomogeneous magnets, relaxation and its physical origin, coarse-grained models, Langevin models, slow magnetisation dynamics, magnetic viscosity and sweep-rate dependence, superposition model of magnetic viscosity, energy-barrier models, and super Para magnetism.

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